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BrandMemo is your new social branding service.

With BrandMemo there's no limit to how far you can extend your management skills and to sharing your favourite brands.

BrandMemo is free for you, and always will be.

We care about your privacy.
We will never share your email address or personal details with anyone.

Our team of developers have chosen a fantastic creative environment for their headquarters.
The city of fashion, of design, of brand names; the city of Leonardo da Vinci - Milan.

We'd be delighted to hear from you: send us your views or suggestions for the wonderful world of BrandMemo.

Contact us any time at:

We look forward to hearing from you,

Francesco Guido Bonetti Rippa Cristi, BrandMemo

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3 April 2020
Raphael Denny

BrandMemo + GetGlue

5 November 2019
Ina Altnoeder Del Terra

Può essere utile

30 October 2017
Grazia Benedetto

Molto utile

27 April 2017
Annachiara Mura


26 April 2017
25 April 2017
Manuela Piras

very nice

22 April 2017
Elio Habis

I love BrandMemo!

16 February 2017
James Bond

I love BrandMemo!

24 August 2016
Vanessa Marcandella

I love BrandMemo too!

23 August 2016